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I have completed 2 Chronicles

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 12, 2006

Which I’m SO glad about. I mean, the Word is something else. It’s just… full. So full of wisdom. I KNOW that it’s very important to know your history, in order to avoid repeating it, but that part of history, while important (b/c it tells the lineage of the kings leading up to the dethronement and bad times in Babylon), but golly gee – it’s some slow stuff.

Plus it’s got the greatest name in it – Nebuchadnezzar – that’s for some Scrabble gold there. But I don’t think you can do proper names in Scrabble. Oh well. In any case – that’s a crazy name but memorable.

I’m going to become a member at my church and I finally, finally made the decision to join, partly based on Dr. Graham’s sermon today (which was SUCH an apropos sermon (he talked about being a member of a body of believers, in a bible-teaching/preaching, Spirit-filled church, and how important that is to keeping your faith. And it’s so true. It’s really hard to have strong faith when you’re in the world alone. But when you’re surrounded by believers, it builds you up, really so much.

Part of what I love about P’Wood is that it’s so big. That’s tough though, too, because it’s so, so huge, it’s easy to get lost there. I think that’s why they put so much emphasis on getting ‘plugged in’ with an ABF (which is big-church talk for a Sunday School class. I’m in Equip, which is really awesome – it just started as a new class like last month, and we’ve already jumped in to some meaty subject matter. I LOVES me some meaty subject matter, and what better to think about than trying to gain a better understanding of God’s Word? We’re going through the book of Isaiah right now (just started last week) and I think Parker’s really giving some inspired teaching.

For my own quiet times I’ve been reading through the bible from one end to the other, and (as I mentioned), I’ve just finished with 2 Chronicles. Now I have Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther to get through, and I’m into the songs. If you hadn’t guessed, that’s a part of the Old Testament that I love – poetry, music, joy, lyricism. Granted, some parts of the canticles (Song of Solomon) are more joyful than others (Job)but it’s still more poetic. I may even switch to the ole KJV to read those books, just for some old-school language. Love it. Love love LOVE it!

So there’s a lot of bible teaching going on in my life right now, not to mention that the Wednesday night pastor, Dr. McKinley is doing a sermon series on the Parables (although we’ve had guest pastors speak the last couple weeks) The first week, one pastor/minister/something, Marc, who’s on staff at the church, and one Dr. Tony Evans. Ring a bell? He’s the head guy for Project Turnaround. One word for that man – Dynamic. He did a sermon on Jeremiah 29:11 (see how powerful it was? I remembered the chapter and verse without even having to look at my notes, which were many!) that really just rocked the casbah. But I digress. Dr. McKinley is great, b/c he really digs down into the Word and gives a great, very clear understanding of where you are and what you need to learn about the verse at hand. Great great teaching.

Oh, you wanted knitting content? My bad. I’m in the process of knitting the heel on Jaywalker I, which is knitting up into a VERY firm fabric on my sz 1 needles, which I haven’t previously knitted. I’ve only knitted socks on two circs before, and that’s a process I really love. Wendy doesn’t like it, and I know of a LOT of dpn devotees out there in the blogosphere, and that’s all fine and good. It’s all a matter of preference anyway. Grumperina’s pattern, though, is written for dpns, and I decided to give it a go, since she wrote it that way, and it’s only polite to follow her directions. Maybe after I’ve made a few pairs will I get adventurous and try modifying her pattern. I don’t know why I would, though. It’s written great, and I’m having great fun knitting it. If you haven’t knitted Jaywalker Socks yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. The pattern is easy, and it knits up into a visually interesting and coolio sock. So anyway, I have never knitted a heel on dpns, so this is rather a new experience for me. Not bad, just new. Still, it’s a challenge, to be sure.

I’ve made, embarrassingly no progress on the muppet scarf; have completed one round on the Vicki doily (a 55-round lace doily in crochet thread on sz 2 dpns), I knitted two (!) washcloths the other night shaped like hearts out of Sugar & Cream cotton yarn in a really pretty variegated color on sz 8 needles. I just wanted a start-&-finish-in-one-sitting pattern, and my little heart cloth pattern that I got off the web. I needed some face-washing cloths, and I LOVE cotton washcloths – they’re so soft, but they have just a little bit of ‘scrubby’ to them, which is great for my sensitive-but-not-that-sensitive skin. With that and Noxzema sensitive (actually, the store brand of it, but who’s asking?), my skin is in GREAT shape. Happiness! I do so love them. I’ll definitely be knitting more of these. I cast on also, but didn’t finish, a feather & fan patterned dishcloth from the S&C ball band. I’ll probably just knit this until I run out of yarn and then bind off. It’s not like it has to be the dimensions called for on the ball – it’s a WASHCLOTH, for goodness sakes! :) Anyway, a word in favor of washcloths: They’re mindless and they’re great, great, GREAT practice for stitches. In addition, you can usually catch S&C on sale for $.99/ball and stock right on up. I know there are other uses for cotton yarns, but I’m too enamored with washcloths at the moment to think about those. It’s like swatching with benefits. :) Still, I’m going to have to limit myself somewhat, as they can be a bit hard on the hands. But a couple every once in a while is a great relief against a daunting project. And if you’ve had as vicious a case of start-itis as I’ve had of late, then you’d understand my strife.

In other news, I want to commit to a sweater, and I have some aspirations to share:

I want to knit Teal Hogget by Wendy, and also the Rogue Sweater (but not at the same time). While I’m on the buying patterns bandwagon, I also want to buy the Mountain Stream Scarf and the Seraphim Shawl

I looked at Mountain Peaks, and while it is really lovely, I like the Seraphim Shawl better (this is merely my taste). Plus we just talked about Seraphs today in Sunday sch- I mean ABF (snerk), and how they’re ‘burning angels’ and I think that shawl would be absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous in a very lightly variegated red-gold laceweight yarn that has notes of flame. Gorgeous. That’s all I’m sayin. Course, this is all pie in the sky until I win my millions in the lotto. Oh, wait. That’s right. I don’t play the lotto. So then this is all just pie in the sky, full stop.

Still, on the fiber front, I was bad yesterday. I found some Classic Elite Yarns Bravo yesterday on sale at (one of) my Local Yarn Shop for 50% off. Now grant, it’s still expensive, but it was just too gorgeous to pass up. If you look at the link, the color I got was the second color from the left on Color Board One (the white/purple/etc.) I’m really really pumped. I got 21-48 yd skeins, 1008 yards. I think (hope) this is enough to make a nice little shawl. Recommended gauge is 3sts/in on sz 11 needles. I know I shouldn’t have bought it, but it was 50% off and I fell in LOVE with the color. Just fell right in love with it. Love, people. Deep, strong eros love. When I knit with it, it may drive me bonko, but as it stands right now, (I wound 11 skeins into balls last night – I love my swift and ballwinder! Thank you family for the excellent Christmas gift!!) I love it. Deeply. Strongly. This is a love that will last. At least until the next thing I find that’s deep and abiding and strong. Tune in tomorrow. (Hey, they don’t call me ‘The Whimsy’ for nothin’.)

So anyway, yeah, I have 1008 yarns of 3 sts/in on sz 11 needles yarn and I need pattern suggestions. I’d like to make a shawl or a shrug or something with it, if I have enough yarn. I’m still hunting. I’m open to suggestion – anyone knitted with this before? It’s dual-stranded, one strand mohair, one strand silk carried together. and it’s GORGEOUS and soft and wonderful.

I’ll stop now, I’m making myself go into pattern frenzy (I must have printed off 50 pages of patterns last night from the web).


One Response to “I have completed 2 Chronicles”

  1. Titine24 said

    I like your word “coolio.” May I borrow it? There is another great name in the Bible – “Maher-shalhal-hash-baz.” I think he was a bad king of an enemy of the Israelites. I read in an Agatha Christie book that someone named their cat that name. Made me laugh.

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