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I’m such a joiner.

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 6, 2006

Ah, friends. I’m such a joiner. I’ve jumped on the jaywalker bandwagon. I’m working mine in Lion Brand Magic Stripes (which I’m loving and they’ve discontinued – sadness!) in a blue-purple-faux-fair-isle colorway – They’re 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon, and I think the yarn will soften up nicely. Happy times. So anyway, I’m about an inch into the zigzag pattern now.

So at the moment I have on needles (in case you were keeping up:)
The ‘muppet’ MD scarf (for me)on 6.5 mm addi turbos (aww yeah) (10 1/2s)
The Green doily on 3 mm (US 2) dpns – I’m trying to be more sophisticated and using metric sizes to mark my needles – mostly because I want to remember what metric size needles are, in case I’m ever in another part of the world and want some needles. I’m such a goob.
Jaywalkers on 2.25 mm (US 1) dpns – she wrote the pattern on US 1s and I didn’t get gauge exactly, but I was knitting flat and the gauge swatch called for stockinette in the round – oops. After doing a gauge swatch of the zigzag flat (both for practice and for gauge (and for the process – how I love knitting!!!) I decided – eh, whatever, and started knitting on sz 1s. It’s creating a tight, stiff fabric, though. I wonder if I might should go up to size 2s, b/c I don’t want knitted fabric too stiff, but at the same time, I don’t want to create a sock that’s much much much too big, and my gauge on sz 2s was still pretty small with this yarn. When I went to size 3s though, I got nervous. But I got gauge with the zigzag pattern, so I’m not sure which gauge is the real indicator. But I got impatient and wanted to cast on, so I did. I’ve knitted a good 2 ins (1 in of cuff and 1 in of zigzag, and tried it on, and I think it’s gonna fit fine, (now that I’ve tried it on. It’ll hold nicely, and besides, if it doesn’t fit me, I know my mom would love another pair of socks. (She wears 1- 1 1/2 sizes smaller than me on shoes, and she’s been hinting.)

I promise there will be friendo sock pictures soon. Promise. Like…. Promise. Really. I just have to take them, is all.

I’m participating in 2000socks and I’m going to be staring on swatches for pomatomus soon. I’m LOVING that scaly pattern. It’s so pretty!!! I just need some blue-y sock yarn to do it justice. Maybe I’ll go all crazy like in SD and get some Koigu (I heard on Pointy Sticks that she loves her some Koigu, so I’m gonna have to look at that – I want to also look at Lorna’s Laces.) – I seeeeeriously want to knit a lace shawl for myself. I will be doing this soon. I WILL be casting on for a lace shawl for me someday. Someday, someday SOMEDAY!!!

So anyway, I’ve got my quota three items on needles again. I RULE! Or maybe….not. I’m such a not monogamous knitter. I’m also not into long-term projects. Socks, scarves, little hats – no intarsia, no fairisle, very little in the way of cables or lacework – low maintenance, low commitment. I’m wondering if this maybe is synonymous with my relationships with people. I rather think it is.

Sorry to get heavy. But I have to do that sometimes.


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