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4″ to go!!

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 21, 2006

I have turned the heel and worked my gusset decreases. I have worked down 3″ on the foot and have 4 inches to go (including the contrast toe). Then, then Friendo’s socks will be finished and in the maaaaiiiillll! I still need to buy a padded mailer for my Mema’s scarf and then get that baby shipped out too!

It’s a weird thing. When you have a bunch of things on needles all at once, they tend to like to get finished near the same time. That said, though, my other projects have decided to mutiny and don’t seem to want to get longer for me, even if I cowtow and plead – oh, and knit on them, too. I finished another triangle in the Muppet Scarf, but it just doesn’t want to get bigger, seems like. The ball is taunting me, and the scarf is saying, ‘finish me, finish me, before you have to put me away for the other 10 months of the year!’ (aside: ah, Texas. Gotta love the weather. Oh, wait, no you don’t.) Fortunately, I still have the Charity Scarf also to finish, and they’re only really about 1/3 of the length I want them to be yet (I like to do the fold-over and pull through scarf-tying style, and so the scarf has to be yet longer to wear them thus. They end up being like 9′ long a lot of times because I want them Dr. Who length and also doubled over – now that’s a long scarf! So that’s still 3 projects on the needles. Somehow it feels like less. I don’t know why. Maybe because they’re smallish projects – two scarves and socks, instead of say, Rogue or Samus or any sweaters (I have yet to think about knitting a sweater – that’s more committment than I’m comfortable to make right now) Anyway yeah, so that’s where I am. On the loading platform are the John Anderson Kilt hose (the ones for me are going to be made out of off-white Red Heart acrylic yarn (Yeah, acrylic – it’s easier to keep clean in the mud of renfaire – and it’s not so bad if you soak it in a bath that’s simply lousy with fabric softener for a good long time). I’ll grant that after feeling on that 55%Alpaca and 45%Merino blend that my friend Craig has for his next project, acrylic feels like steel wool, but that said, it STILL feels better than hemp cord* and even better still than butcher or mailing twine. So if I just keep my sliding scale of softness on the low end of the bell curve, where Red Heart is the pinnacle of Luxury (and I WILL say that Caron Simply soft is some soft acrylic, despite its acrylic-ness), and that acrylic feels best, maybe I’ll be able to convince myself (somehow) that it’s the most appealing of the fiber options at hand. Yeah, that’s a difficult thing. I mean, I have LB Homespun at home, and even IT feels better than RH Super Saver. But it’ll be okay. I’ll look back on these days someday and laugh that I ever had to endure such a time of dearth.**

* I just had the idea pop into my head to knit a bracelet out of hemp cord (of which I seem to have an abundance, due to an ill-fated idea involving using Hemp to make boondoggle, instead of plastic cord. for some reason, I seemed to think that hemp lanyard would seem more sophisticated than plastic lanyard. Oooh how wrong I was. Lanyard in hemp is just as campy as lanyard in plastic yarn. Any ‘earth mother’ ideas I might have been having by purchasing hemp instead of plastic flew out the window when I tried to work with it. Bleck. I will say, though, that Celtic and Chinese braidwork executed in hemp cord is impressive. Not that I ever executed any.

** By ‘dearth’ I mean that I have all my bills paid, and my cats and I are fed, but that I just don’t have any yarn money. Praise God that I even have yarn to knit with. If I didn’t, I’d have to take up a less costly habit – like writing. I may yet, before all is said and done.


2 Responses to “4″ to go!!”

  1. Titine24 said

    Hi Whimsy —

    “Wraps per inch” means you go to the yarn store and ask them to show you a “wrap guide”, which you take a length of any kind of yarn, and you wrap it around and around until it is an inch long (marked on the wrap guide) and however many lines across you get of the yarn for the length of that inch, is the number of wraps per inch, and that indicates the thickness of the yarn you are using. It helps identify whether a yarn is closer to DK or sport or if it is a thin worsted, etc. I have a lot of grey yarn which came in that vintage yard sale, which might work for a very benign sort of felted corset, but it is a little thin, and I don’t want you to be frustrated with a long grey corset project if this yarn happens to be too thin to do the proper job.


  2. Ex-Boyfriendo said

    I’m gettin’ sahh-oocks, I’m gettin’ sahh-oocks!

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