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Important Lessons learned in life:

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 18, 2006

1) “Molten Chocolate” is as hot as it sounds.
2) “Molten Chocolate”, if one attempts to scoop same onto her finger for a taste, will blister.
3)Amaretto, poured into hot chocolate is a REALLY YUMMY afternoon snack, if one is staying indoors from inclement weather. (It’s what we call ‘cold’ here in TX. Most people in other states would call this ‘cool’. The the native-born Texan like myself (with all the characteristics of a native Texan, including thin skin), it’s cold. Plain cold. The freezing rain is not helping matters.
4) Cats who love yarn also love knitting. But in the bad way.
5) Leaving one’s knitting out while going to deal with the molten chocolate (I’m making candy) will end in tragedy for said knitted object, if left too long.
6) Cats are very, very quick when they know they’re doing wrong. They’re never anywhere near the scene of the crime, but have a tell-tale guiltiness about them.
7)Amaretto in hot chocolate has a strong calming effect on jangled nerves (which are jangled due to feline harrassment of one’s knitting project, which is a gift and she’d better get her little paws off).
8) Backpacks are great storage for knitting projects while one is finishing the candy-making process
9) Blogging about the almost-catastrophe (no pun intended) is comforting
10) An afternoon without TV and just listening to favorite tunes on Winamp whilst knitting (and making candy and spiking hot chocolate) is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.
11) Working the heel flap on the second of friendo’s socks is also just what the doctor ordered.
12) A life spent in company of felines and knitting is a life well-lived. Even if said felines eat the knitted projects. I’m so going to break them of that habit. Truly.
13) Hot chocolate spiked with amaretto can sometimes give the senses a nice padded feeling. It’s with this padded feeling that I sign off, dear readers.

Thank you so much for your comments on the knitting journal question. What is wraps per inch, though?


2 Responses to “Important Lessons learned in life:”

  1. Shelley said

    Sounds like you had an eventful day, and the cat tried to make things more eventful! Hope the candy turned out good!

  2. Rebecca said

    LOL, girl I wish I could have hung out with you that day. Sounds like my kind of day, with the exception of the amaretto. I prefer Irish Cream in my cocoa. ;)

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