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Knitting journals:

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 16, 2006

Hello hello! I have a question for all you readers:

Do you keep a knitting journal?
If your answer is yes, what do you put in it? What do you find noteworthy, and what do you find helps you when you review your journal in future times? How long have you kept your knitting journal?

What kind of journal do you use? a spiral notebook? a bound journal-book? Just some notebook paper in the back of your pattern binder? What’s your take? How do you use it while knitting? What do you find about it that benefits you, and what do you note down that you later think, ‘why on earth?’.

I was just listening to “the Uninvited Guest” on Cast-On (a faboo podcast), and she mentioned how very much she likes her knitting journal and how very useful she’s finding it as she goes back through time with her ‘sweater of the day’, etc. So I wanted to ask how people are using their journals, if they’re using them? How they’re working for or against you, and how and if you journal other parts of your life.

Feel free to comment or e-mail me (if you know my e-mail address, bwahahahaa). No answer is too silly, no answer is unwelcome. I look forward to hearing from you all. Especially you Olympic knitters. Will your Olympic project get a special notation in your journal? Just wondering.

If you keep a journal in general, not knitting, just a journal, you’re more than welcome to comment too. :)

2 Responses to “Knitting journals:”

  1. Jan said

    I use one. Usually I just jot down what the item is on the day I start it, what yarn I am using, what size needles and the gauge. Then when I finish it, I jot down the date next to the original entry. I also tape in a picture of the project if I have one. In the same journal, I also have a page for yarn I have spun, and I note what fiber I am using, where I got it, wraps per inch and finished yardage. If I have dyed the fiber myself, I note the dye combination as well.

    The thing is, I also have a knitting binder, where I have plastic page holders for patterns. I keep my working copy with its notes on it in there, as well as the gauge swatch. In the same notebook I keep fiber samples so I can keep track of dyeing formulas, etc. I’m thinking I am just going to make up a form for my notebook with space on each page for 2 knitting projects. It might make things more concise and less cluttered.

    Sorry for the novel, but you asked, LOL.

  2. Titine24 said

    I don’t use a knitting journal — I mostly only have one project going at a time, and I never, ever make a swatch… (I couldn’t be more different from the methodical and organized praiseworthy Jan, above.) I am actually responding to your post concerning your yarn diet. I have been blessed by my MIL with stash yarn from a yard sale years ago in NJ from a lady who died in her 70s. Some of her yarn had been made in the British quarter of divided-up Berlin after WWII, for Heaven’s sake! It is real wool and very vintage – if you tell me what weight and wraps per inch, I could look through and see if there is any corset-like yarn I could send you to tide you through this starvation period…

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