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Kuh-nitting Kon-tent

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 15, 2006

MMMM Feelings and stuff: What should I work on???? I think I need to finish the late christmas socks for friendo. He’s making impatient noises. Hmmmm gonna have to have some time with those babies. I reverse-engineered the first sock and I think I have the correct round-counts so that I can make a pretty-much duplicate version of sock 1. I’m having to work on this when I’m chipper though. Making a second sock with an intricate pattern is making me go, ‘hummmm’. Maybe the next intricate sock pattern I’m doing will not be MY OWN DESIGN, but rather the John Anderson Kilt socks (in vareigated yarn in Whimsy-size – as protosocks.). Maybe. I would like some knee-socks for myself. I think that’d be fun. And doing cables in a vareigated yarn, I know, is foolhardy, but I think it’d be good practice, even though the color variation would totally obscure the cablework.

Also in the ‘maybe’ pile (as in, maybe after I finish my current projects, I’ll get going on this one) I found a pattern for a really cute ‘corset’ that’s not a corset on Knitty and I think it’d be a nice modest piece for faire. I’m probably going to knit it out of acrylic (as that’s what I have right now and I’m on a strict yarn diet, and that would hold up best for running around at faire and then coming back and throwing it in the warshing machine, as they say down here in the south.

So yeah, that’s in the maybe pile. I’d REALLY like to do a giant corset out of wool and felt the be-jee-zus out of it and have a felted corset-y thing, but I have no wool privieleges beyond what’s in my stash and that’s one ball and less than half of a second ball. Not enough. Alas. :(

But that’s okay. It’ll come soon enough that I have enough money to keep myself in yarns. I just have to be a good steward of my money and not blow it on outings and junk. Keep my eyes on the prize, as it were. The prize being not in debt, of course.

Once I’m out of debt, I’ll be in a good position, I think. Just $12,000 to go!


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