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Finally! Finally some knitting content!!! Woooo!

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 11, 2006

This is my parents’ cat, Trouble.

He is a Maine Coon Cat. He weighs maybe 30 pounds (at least 10 of which we are CERTAIN is hair), and he’s about 3′ long from tip to tail. Isn’t he pretty?!

Yes, Yes this is my throne. Right here, under the “Dining Room Table”, a colloquialism that you subjects –, er, I mean, humans have adopted and I have kindly let go. In truth, this is the War Room, wherein I declare war on…. things that come under the ‘Dining Room Table’. Arh. I am fierce. I am a fearsome king. Arh, Arh, I say!

Auntie Whimsy, I’m about SICK of you takin’ pictures. Come here and love on me instead. All 30 pounds of me.

Trouble… Right here in River City. Also, those socks on the chair are on my mom’s feet. It’s gratifying to know that she gets use out of them. Hee. :)

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for: Knitting content!!!!!

Meet Branching Out, or as I like to call it: The Mohair Monster. I love the yarn, but hate the allergies. I’m gonna have to go easy on the Mohair, I think.

This is the truest color I could get to match the color of the yarn here. It’s this dusty rose and purple variegate and it’s a very regular back and forth color switch.

another detail on the leafy lace pattern

Note to self: next time block on the BACK of the busy towel, so that the knitting is more prominent. Opps. Mea Culpa

I picked to do this pic because you can really see the lace pattern in the bottom 5″ or so. I promise it actually looks like this all the way through.

Specs on Branching Out:
Number of times partially complete scarf was frogged and restarted: 3
Number of times partially completed lines were unknit and restarted: enough to have knitted an entire BO multiple times.
Swear words: None, but a few non-swear words used in entirely new ways, and some new sounds of frustration. Did you know that the word stapler, spoken in French and shouted sounds like a violent invective? ‘AGRAFEUSE!!!’ See?
Number of times this scarf was called a stapler: numerous, despite the fact that this is for my grandmother, whom I dearly love and who I know reads this blog and will know that I worked HARD on the scarf and didn’t give up, even though The Mrs. Beeton wrist warmers were looking increasingly appealing with every un-knit and re-knit stitch.
Lessons learned: 1. Lifelines are our friends. Especially in a repeated pattern like this. 2. Memorizing the pattern will improve speed; 3. reading charts is important in lacework. I’m still working on this last one. 4. I react to Mohair like I react to cat dander: ah-choo. 4. Mohair, when wet, has a smell akin to ‘wet dog’. The smell goes away when spun in the washing machine in a lingerie bag. 5. I like yellow quilter’s pins for blocking. They have a firm hold and a bright top, and don’t show up so much in the pictures.

Actual Specs:

Pattern: Branching Out from Knitty
Yarn: Fusion by JCA Reynolds, Color 5, 64% mohair, 27% acrylic, 9%wool
Used about 1-1/2 balls for a 62″ scarf (before blocking)
length in blocking: 5’8″ (I’ll measure again once it’s fully dry)
width in blocking: 7″ (I’ll measure again once it’s fully dry)
Took from just after Christmas 12/26/2005 until 2/4/06. I had to wait for a time to block it.

A note: I hand-washed BO in cool water with just a tiny bit of Tide Free (no perfumes, dyes, etc.), and the color bled some. I’m not sure if this is only because it’s the first wash, but it DID bleed. So make sure you wash the stuff once before you give it to your intended recipient. Just sayin’.

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