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They came!! Woot! and other thoughts about the value of hand-knitting guilds

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 7, 2006

I loves me some e-bay. I got a pair of Addi needles from Germany (not American Addi Turbos) for only $10.50 after shipping. That’s cheaper than you can buy in stores! I heart e-bay. The guy says he’ll combine shipping if you buy more than one item from him.

My item was Addi knitting needles, 36″ US 13. Schweet. We are pleased.

Anyway, he’s a superseller and the item was shipped on 1/27 from Hong Kong and arrived either yesterday or today (I’m not sure which) and so that’s 9-10 days. They’re not Skacel Collection Addi Turbos, they’re from Addi by Selter in Germany, but that’s the only difference I can tell between the Addis and the US Addi Turbos – oh, wait – the US size is not marked on the needle anywhere, just the cable length in cms and size in mms. Big Whoopdie. Most people post stuff in both US and Metric sizes anyway, so this isn’t a big deal, I feel.

I have to now sing the praises of Zyrtec D-12s (the extended-release 2-a-day ones). They have Sudafed in them too, so I’m a little wired right now, but nothing I can’t handle, hopefully. I can breathe!!! I haven’t been breathing too well since Thursday (that’s 5 days!) and it turns out that what I thought was merely a serious allergy attack was actually a really bad sinus infection. No es bueno. But you know this already b/c I already posted it. So anyway I took the antibiotics (ketek) and a Zyrtec and What A Difference. I’ve been breathing easier for a couple hours now. Woweeee.

This body God has given us is pretty miraculous. I mean, really. It’s this beauty of mechanics and machinery that just works no matter how we treat it, and sometimes in spite of how we treat it. Praise the Lord and thank Him for this miraculous body of ours. So as I was saying, now that I can breathe!!! I was feeling somewhat better so I went to my handknitter’s guild meeting it was so nice.

An aside: I’m 25 years old. I knit. I knit in public. I love knitting, and do it if not every, then almost every day. Part of what I read is knitting books (I also like fiction and educational books (How-to books)); I love the mechanics, I love the process, I love the product. It’s an occasional frustration of mine that there aren’t more women and men (who knit) my age who share my passion for this craft. I know some (a VERY few) women my age who knit, but they don’t ever do it (gasp) in public and how do I have the nerve and don’t I get bothered by people (gasp again) talking to me while I’m knitting blah blah blah. So they do it in the privacy of their homes, away from the public eye where they might invite (gasp three times) scorn that they actually have a hobby besides looking at boys and going out to bars and clubs and trying to meet said boys. God forbid that a woman should have a hobby that doesn’t involve drooling over men (directly. I will say that some drooling does occur occasionally in the form of chatty chatty over knitting and a certain hot movie star will get named and everyone chimes in with their opinion of who’s hotty hot and who’s freaking crazy (T-m C—se and K–ie H—es, anyone?), etc and so forth. But that’s always secondary to the knitting. When I’m at the knitting guild, it’s a bunch of ladies (and maybe someday hopefully gentlemen) who knit and talk about knitting and enjoy knitting and work on knitting projects or knitting-related projects and talk about Vogue Knitting and the new Berocco book or Interweave Knits or whatever. But the knitting is the important thing, it’s what we all have in common, first and foremost. After that there’s cooking and reading and whatever else, but first, First, FIRST is knitting. We all have different backgrounds, we all have different histories, we all have different challenges and I don’t know what all. But when all that stuff goes away and just becomes ‘stuff’, there’s still knitting that brings us all together first Tuesday of every month at the church at the corner of Hillcrest and Spring Valley. It’s the center of the giant Venn Diagram of life for this particular people group. And I like it.

I’m thinking of serving as an officer next year. I get such a kick out of this group, and being a part of it, that I really feel compelled to do my part to serve and keep it working. It’s really exciting to me, the idea of being an officer. It’s like so official. Friendo thinks I should have a special hat, and has made mention of it a multiple of times. He wants to get the idea of it so ingrained in my mind, he says, that I’ll actually wind up making a hat. If I do, it’s gonna be a beanie with a propeller on top. That just seems ironically right, somehow.

But I digress.

I’m washing and blocking Branching Out this weekend. Pictures to come!! (I have to go to ye olde yarn shoppe on Saturday and buy some Eucalan or whatever they recommend for me to wash this Mohair baby in. The ends are woven. The FO clock is T-I-C-K-I-N-G.) Pray that I don’t lose my head at the yarn shop, willyas? I have a really really REALLY hard time controlling my baser urge to go buy me some Cascade or Silky Wool or whatever I just wanna BUY it. I have plenty of yarn. I. have. plenty. of. yarn. I have plenty… of…. yarn….. For now.

Hey, a girl’s gotta have a mantra, right?


2 Responses to “They came!! Woot! and other thoughts about the value of hand-knitting guilds”

  1. Titine24 said

    Hi Whimsy — I hope you are feeling better. We had some good feedback on the house showing we had yesterday, and today we have 3 agents coming with clients almost at the same time. This strain of two mortgages is showing the goodness of my husband’s character. I met him when I was 6 years older than you are now, doing something I really enjoyed. And we even were able to have 3 cuties! Now I wish I had the time to knit (sometimes).

    The breathing you are doing now (that you were not able to do before) is good news. I remember once I was so sick I mis-read directions on a package of Dimetapp cold pills and I took 2, when the directions said not to exceed 2 in 24 hours. I lay on the couch, head spinning, but Boy, could I breathe well!!

  2. darkroland said

    I’m glad that you managed to find something you truly enjoy to do. Some people spend their entire lives looking.

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