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BO progress! Woot!

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 31, 2006

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A length pic for the blogger fans. I’m very short-waisted, but I wanted to show a pic of the scarf at waist-length on me. I’m about 5’5 first thing in the morning, I’m probably more like 5’3-1/2″ by the end of the day, and it’s the end of the day as I take this picture. The scarf is about 6′ long. I’m thinking it needs really about 2 more feet (like 10 repeats more) to really have the best look possible. All in all, so far I’m very very pleased with the progress and look of this scarf – the mohair has been a challenge to work with, both on an allergic level (I react to it about the same way as I react to pet dander) and on a ‘difficult yarn’ level – it’s kind of tricky, because it mats on itself and likes to clllllinnnngg. Expecially if I have to frog out any, which I HAVE. I have the pattern about memorized now, though, so I’m doing well. I think I should have this done in a pretty quick amount of time if I really devote to it this weekend. If I’m really ambitious, I want to say I could have it done by Valentine’s Day – if I spend a couple of weekend days REALLY devoting to it. That’s very ambitious though, considering that I really have to focus when I’m working this guy, or a yarn over will throw me for a tinking-parade. I gotta say, though, the lifelines have really helped with the process. I’ve had to rip back to one only once since I started using them, and they give me a more realistic look at what the pattern really is – a 10-row repeat – so I can really rock and roll and not get too overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Even on my grandmother, who I top by a couple inches, this seems like it might be a little short. I’m trying to keep the blocked dimensions in mind (this yarn promises to bloom in the blocking – what, more?!) and so I’ll have that to look forward to. I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t have knitted it on a bigger needle. that might give a more airy look to it, but I’m concerned that if I had done it thus, it might be more shawl than scarf, and I don’t want to overwhelm my Mema. :)

So I think the decision is made – about 2 more feet will give it a hip-length (on me) pre-blocking drape (this stuff is SO LIGHT, BUT SO WARRRRM!!!!), which will give it a good length after blocking – I’m thinking it’s going to grow about 4″ once I wet it and pin it.

I would, if anyone has any recommendations, like to wash this scarf before giving it to my grandmother – as it is Mohair – does anyone have any recommendations for a (good-smelling, preferably)- wash that will not harm this material? I’d like to hand wash it before blocking it, as the dye has made the fibers a little bit coarse. Just a little bit, and I’d like it to be soft and sweet smelling when I give it to Mema. I was thinking that i would use my shampoo (which is a gentle formula for damaged hair)- what does everyone recommend?

Thanks in advance for the advice. Also, the yarn is JCA Reynolds Fusion if anyone’s taken a shine to it. The halo is a good inch on either side of the garment though, and it is really a lot like pet dander, so people with allergy problems, that’s your caveat. Posted by Picasa


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