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No!!!! :( Taxy Sadness.

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 26, 2006

Unhappy times. It appears that I have to PAY taxes this year. I’ve always gotten refunds before…. Sadness. At least it’s not a LOT of money that I’m having to pay, but still. Bleh. I’m hoping that my tithe deduction and my IRA deduction (if I get one – still haven’t figured that out yet) will make it cost me less. It’s kind of okay to me that I’m having to pay though – I don’t LIKE it, but it does sort of make me feel better to know that Big Brother – er, I mean Uncle Sam didn’t get more of my wages than it deserved, so I could have put them into my interest bearing savings account. I didn’t, but I could have. Just sayin’. Anyway, so yeah. I have to pay taxes this year. Not much likin that. I was already spending my refund money (at my LYS) in my head. Not a good idea, with tax refunds OR gambling winnings. Because you always lose when you do that. Like ALWAYS.

Anyway, so there it is. Paying taxes. It’s okay though. I’m going to take my day off with pay tomorrow and do some running around. Running around and jumping. And on Monday, I’m going to go change my W-4 at work to be Single zero again, and only $25/paycheck deduction to my IRA.

So there. It’s gonna stink for the money stuff, but I’d much rather get a refund than have to pay again. MUCH RATHER.


One Response to “No!!!! :( Taxy Sadness.”

  1. darkroland said


    I know it’s wrong, but I always put down 0 deductions.

    That way, I never have to pay. Even though uncle sam does get to hold on to more money of mine then is rightfully his, I would probably just spend it on useless crap anyway.

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