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Weekend times and work and work and weekend times

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 22, 2006

Okay I’m ready for a vacation or so. About a week would be greeeeaaaattt.. We’re making ready for a consolidating move into smaller space at the office, so I’ve been working a lot lately. When I say a lot here, I mean, more than the regular amount of time at the office. I’ve done no knitting since last Tuesday. TUESDAY, PEOPLE!!! I miss my needles!!!! :( But I have miles yet to go before I sleep. I just wanted to take a quick brain break and post about my weekend.

I went up to Norman OK this weekend – about a 3-hour drive, to go to a friend-of-a-friend’s church. It was way fun times though. There were 5 of us in the car (3 girls 2 boys) and we had a pretty good little jaunt up there. We got there about midnight Saturday night and then got up and went to Church this morning and the Sunday School Lesson was on Jesus’ parable about the wise builder and the foolish builder (Matt 7:24-27) and I got some interesting new perspectives on that, definitely going to be looking back into that parable (probably again and again). My friend who drove us up there gave a great testimony about going on a mission trip, and some other people who went on the Mission Trip earlier this month. Then the pastor of this church gave a pretty stirring sermon about prayer and the power of prayer and the importance of it, and it was reallllly meaningful. Then we had pizza and played in the gym for like a couple hours. I sweated!! Aren’t you proud of me? I got some honest-to-goodness exercise, and you know how I feel about that, dear reader(s?*) In any case, I was so excited about my energy expenditure that I came home and fixed myself a wholesome dinner. Shocking, I know. I fixed some chicken and boiled a head of cauliflower, and ate some, and had some garlic bread (the garlic bread was a naughty treat, but it was tasty).

I don’t think my healty eating treats negated the FRIED PIE (apricot, if you cared, and homemade) that I ate coming out of OK, or the 7up and sour gummy worms (yuuuummmyyyyy, just sayin) that I also consumed. Or the pizza for that matter. Yeah, I was a caloric naughty girl today. But I exercised some, so I think that makes at least a little of said eating okay. Oh dang, I forgot about the venti latte that I also consumed today. ARGH. Okay so today was not a good day for me in terms of eating, but I DID have a good dinner. And I’ll have a good lunch tomorrow and Wednesday, so that’s good.

Anyway, so that’s my weekend. I’m supposed to be working on a giant pile of files that I brought home to work on, and when I sat down to do it, I got into the computer at work and got going, and then the blasted thing locked up on me and booted me out. ARGH! So I either have to go up to the office and restart the thing and come home and work until midnight (after being up until after 2 on Saturday night) or just crashing early tonight and going in early tomorrow to work on my computer full-steam ahead until I get the stuff done that I meant to get done tonight. So that’s my plan. Goodnight, all.

* Hope always springs eternal that I might have more than 1 reader! :)


2 Responses to “Weekend times and work and work and weekend times”

  1. Jan said

    Just wanted to let you know that according to Bloglines, you have 2 subscribers, so you definitely have more than 1 reader! I’ll try to post comments more often. Glad that you had a good weekend, and hope you get your work done tommorrow.

  2. Rebecca said

    R’gina dear, you know you’ve got me! lol. Sounds like your weekend was awesome! Bet you don’t realize you were only about 2 hrs. from me do ya? Wanna come see me next?

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