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Empty Calories for my brain:

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 19, 2006

Okay, so sometimes I surf around and read blogs. Sometimes they’re blogs of people I know, sometimes they’re not. Well, to tell the truth, most times they’re not. But sometimes when I’m reading blogs of people I know, I realize how very different we are, and how weird it is that we even really know each other. It’s odd, some of the people that God brings into our lives.

In unrelated news, the people in the apartment below me are listening to music that is making my floor vibrate. That or they’re using a nail gun. I haven’t really determined which yet, but I think it’s too rhythmic for it to be a nail gun. So yeah, loud music it is. It’s about the second week of the loudness every freaking night. But it usually pipes down after about 12:30. It’s still freaking annoying.

Blech. But I digress. So anyway, I’m going to go to bed and read some Diana Galbadon. I got a copy of Outlander from HPB for only $2.68. I’m pumped about this b/c it was so inexpensive and it’s book 1 of the series. Rock. On.

Anyway, so I’m going to bed.

The Stars lost tonight, 5-2. Sadness. I stayed until the bitter end, never giving up hope until the last buzzer buzzed, but I was sad. I hope Mr. Turco heals up soon, and the other two guys on the scratch list. Hedberg played well, he made some kickass saves, but not on the 3 times we needed it. Blah. :( Although he did have a bizzaro SportsCenter moment tonight, and Daley tended goal (which was when one of the goals happened) Gotta give it to Daley -he jumped right in there, without even worrying that the puck was gonna smash his pretty face if it came near. But it’s okay, really. Because it didn’t come near.

Very very exciting game, even despite the 3 goal lead. I’m going downstairs to ask the guys to turn the freakin subwoofer off. It’s after midnight. I mean, puh-leeze.

Update on the music racket – he turned it down. I went downstairs and asked him to turn it down and he was all… hey sorry about that, I’ll turn it down. I didn’t realize it was so late. Nice.

And he’s the guy I saw at Walmart that time. Ha! Small world, or something.


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