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Jayne Hat Photo, as promised.

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 13, 2006

Here is a picture of my Older Brother and SIL with their Jayne hats. This was on Christmas Morning. Their actual faces look much like this, without the yellow cast. :). Posted by Picasa

Okay, so here are the Specs:
Knitted on sz 10 1/2 dpns, and then a 16″ circular 10 1/2 addi turbo (I heart addi turbos).
Knitted from a kit by this lady. The sizing is awesome, and I had both hats made in about a week – a VERY quick knit – woo hoo! These two Firefly fans were really pleased to have their His and Hers Jayne Cobb hats. Now I just need to see the episode this hat came from. Heh.
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Bulky – it was from a kit, I have no ball bands, but I found regular Lamb’s Pride, and it looks just like that, but bigger, i.e. the BULKY name. Har. Plus the pattern listed the brand and type of yarn – D’oh!. But I did have some left over from each kit, so if you’re debating buying this kit, I really recommend it. It’s a really easy knit, and very cunning, I think. Plus FIREFLY ROCKS. Joss Whedon is a hero of mine now. Aww yeah. Not to mention I’ve fallen in love with Lamb’s pride. It’s pretty soft, and I’m told it felts like a dream (all but white), so I’ll be making some felted coasters maybe with the leftover bits. I need some coasters and I want to try out this whole felting thing. It inexplicably fascinates and terrifies me. The idea of knitting something – hundreds, maybe thousands of stitches in order to INTENTIONALLY put it in a hot water washing machine and felt it…. [shudder]. But I digress. I WILL make coasters, and I WILL felt them, and I WILL be brave and do it without being sad. But I can’t promise that I won’t have a glass of something when I first put them in the washing machine. [second shudder].


2 Responses to “Jayne Hat Photo, as promised.”

  1. Rebecca said

    Great hats R’gina!

  2. darkroland said

    It’s me! The Jayne Hat on the right!

    I just wanted to give some kudos to the creator, great job!! They’re excellent, and warm to boot!

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