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Update photos and kitchen art

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 5, 2006

Some swatching:

The above swatches are the braidwork and the heel treatment for the John Anderson Kilt Hose (please see link on sidebar). I love that braidwork, it’s so pretty! Simple, but incredibly elegant. That particular heel treatment is called the ‘eye of partridge heel’. The kilt hose are knitted on 2 circs (woo hoo!) and are knitted toe-up – a new method for me to try. I reiterate: Woo Hoo!!! I’m looking forward to casting on the prototypes for these (in garish colors on size 2s – Hopefully girlie size, I’m making them for me, to get the toe-up technique and the knee-high-sock process down. The top of the hose has a k1, p1 ribbing for 2″, then a larger flap that lays down over the ribbing to hide it, but this way a sock garter is not needed. The overlay has alternating rows of ribbing and cable. See the link on the sidebar for pics.. These socks are unbelieveably gorgeous. I’m looking forward to having a pair. Once I get these done, I’ll likely be casting on for a pair of mens’ hose, using aran weight yarn and size 2s – ouch. These are gonna be a TIGHT knit. That’s all I’m sayin about that.

Here’s another glimpse into the life and times; I wanted to take some pictures of my kitchen and what I believe constitutes art. (snick)

This is part of my refrigerator magnet collection – these are dice. D-10s and D-20s, to be specific. The biggish one on the far left is a D-20.

This was one of my few merch purchases after Revenge of the Sith came out:
That’s right, Darth Vader Pop Tarts. The Breakfast of….. Sith Lords! I also bought the amazingly Lucky Charms-like Yoda and Darth Vader cereals. They were tasty, despite the whole these-taste-just-like-Lucky Charms factor.

The below pics are some of my kitchen art. Below is a pencil drawing I did using only a pencil, a ruler and a compass.

These are two pieces I did. The one on the left in the picture is a collage using Bristol board and shades of pthalocyanine blue acrylic paint. (The only good use for acrylic, IMHO). This little collage (about 8 x 10″) is the original inspiration for the treatment I did on the coffee table. On the right is a stencilled picture I did when I was brainstorming for how to do the skirting on the afore-mentioned coffee table. I stencilled the carbide blade overlapping all over this piece of paper and then colored in with crayon and outlined each blade with sharpie.

For the not-mechanically-minded among us, a circular saw blade is about 8″ in diameter (about the size of a salad plate), and a carbide blade is about 4″ in diameter – about the size of a finger bowl.

This was my Christmas present from my Grandmothers. A ball winder and yarn swift. They’ve already got a permanent home on the front of my bookcase. They fit there magnificently. Happiness!! My yarn stash is notably neater. That’s all I’ll say about that. Not that I stayed up balling a lot of my yarn into the wee small hours. No, really, that’s all. Nothing else to see here. Move along…..

ore progress on the Branching out!! Okay, here’s a pic from earlier today – this was a pretty good representation of the colors. The purple bits are a little darker than that, but this was as good as it got. It’s about 28″ in long now. It’s growing!!!! My lace skillz are improving, yo.

Elinor says: I’m ready for my closeup. She looks a little demonic here. Eek.


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