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Argh! Grr! Bleh! Oh. Oooooh… Aaaaah….

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 5, 2006

I can’t get into my work computer. Sadness. I was gonna do some work from home, but I can’t now. Blah bigtime. But aside from my initial frustration, I’ve fallen deeply, deeply in love. So deeply in love that I’ve bought two (2!) cds! By this guy:

Michael Buble Hubba hubba.

I bought ‘It’s Time’ and ‘Michael Buble’ (his self titled) on iTunes and Real Rhapsody, respectively. I think RR has better prices. Just sayin’.

I have start-itis, friends. I just found a pattern in my Knitting-Pattern-a-Day-Calendar

that will let me use up the hated Homespun, in a kind of pretty way – it’s an eyelet scarf that has a slant that’s knitted in – pretty cool! Plus, the pattern is in a yarn called Alchemy yarns Japanese Lantern which, when I looked up a little bit of it on (This is a great resource site, I think I’ll add it to the links), looks just like Lion Brand Homespun (but in a much, much better collection of fibers than what’s in HS. But that’s okay. I’m really looking more for the weight – Worsted, and the look. I’m using the “tudor” color. It’s lovely. It’s very soft, but ticklish to knit.

So I was a little bad yesterday – I went to Hobby Lobby and bought myself (on the bankcard!) a pair of knitting needles and a ball of cotton yarn (to make a dishcloth). Here’s the trick – I only spent $3.53. That’s right. Three fifty-three. Pretty sweet huh? Go me for the shopping goodness!!! Woot and all!

So there’s that. I’ve started the Eyelet scarf (the January 4th pattern for those of you with the calendar. As I don’t have permission to reproduce the pattern, I won’t do it, but I’ll post a pic once I finish the thing. I decided to live a little dangerously and not swatch. So we’ll see how it all turns out. Heh. It might be a disaster. But I hope not.

Also on the sticks right now is:

1) Mema’s Branching Out Scarf (which I can really only work on when I’m not tired – that thing is tricky!!!), but I’m making good progress. I’ll probably go camp out at Starbucks (or maybe the library) on Saturday and work on that for a good long while, while I’m alert. I’m sure I’ll make some good progress there. Pics to follow soon.

2)The very late Christmas socks – But the recipient is okay with this. I’ll take pics of these before I give them, and once I have confirmed receipt, I’ll post them, because they’re very, very cool, if I do say so myself. I did a little (tiny) bit of designing on them, and I’ll think about posting the graph if I feel like it. Maybe.

3)Muppet Scarf (pics of this to come soon) I love this thing, but I have so much gift/work knitting (Mema bought the yarn and needles for the scarf, so I’m honor-bound to finish that piece asap, and the socks second, as they’re a late gift) – then back to selfish knitting! Muppet scarf forever!!! (it’s this multi-directional scarf, but it’s in this great yarn that looks like someone unraveled a muppet and wound it into a skein. Poor little Muppet. Don’t worry though. It was a shirttail cousin of a Muppet. More of an extra than a real Muppet. Don’t worry, I didn’t unravel Beaker or anything. If anyone, it would have been one of Elmo’s cousins. And, while I’m on the subject:

::Begin Elmo Rant:: if you ask me, (and you did, if you don’t remember. :D) Elmo is the Nermal of the muppets. I want to mail that dumb red racket-maker to Abu Dhabi. He’s the Newman. Hello…. Elmo. I mean, it just fits. You see him all grinny and happy and you just dread his arrival. Tickle This, Elmo (insert multinational rude gesture here). Sorry. I can’t stand Elmo. Can ya tell? He makes me hostile. Not the desired effect with Elmo, I’m sure, but I just don’t care. See, I think Elmo is the undesired child of Gonzo. I want Good ole Gonzo back. And Fozzy Bear. the original Muppets. Elmo can’t even rank as an extra on Meet the Feebles. BTW, If you know this movie, you get cool- and weird-sense-of-humor-points.::End Elmo Rant::

I’m in a bit of a silly mood here. But I digress. Heh.

Here’s a New Year’s laundry list of what I want to make:
On the docket to start:
a Proto of the John Anderson’s Kilt Hose; lots of new techniques to work on there, and I want to make up a pair of them in sock yarn (instead of aran weight) first, and see how they look and what not (for myself, no less), before I rope the intended recipient (who’s buying the yarn and paying for the time I spent to make them (aww yeah) into paying down for the wool. Besides, if I make up the proto and he hates them, I won’t make them in man-size, and I’ll still have a pair of knee high pretty groovy girly-socks. Happy goodness. :D Wee! You know, I’ve become a bit of a sock fiend. Not an intended thing, it just worked out that way, but they’re such an easy thing to work on, and you can throw in your own personal touches (within reason) and it all works. And the socks on 2 circs method really goes fast. And I’ve even managed to get them so that there are no ladders!!! Yaaaay!

Also on the docket: Stash redux projects (which I WILL find patterns for. At some point. I’m sure of it. )

I’m listening to “Home” by Michael Buble right now… It’s so poignant…. I wish somebody felt like that about me. (sigh) Just tugs the heartstrings….. (sigh, again) My time will come.

You know, a friend of mine says that “God answers all prayers: ‘no’ is an answer”. So I’ve been rolling that around in my head for a few days, and I think it’s true. I mean, even if you’re praying and praying and praying for something and hoping and working for something that God just doesn’t have in the plans for you, it ain’t gonna happen. I mean, God has His ways of getting you where you need to be when He wants you there. So if you pray for something and He says ‘no’, maybe instead of mourning the loss, give a little praise. He’s gonna open an even better door, one way or another. But I think what happens a lot is that people get in their eyes that ‘this is the thing, this is what I’m meant to do’ or whatever, and although God wants it in your life, maybe it’s not where He wanted you to park it. It’s just a place where you are right now. So…

well, I don’t really know where I’m going with all this. I’ve been rolling it around and I really just wanted to put it down somewhere.

Rather than go into specifics of circumstances, I’ll just leave you with that.

One Response to “Argh! Grr! Bleh! Oh. Oooooh… Aaaaah….”

  1. Rebecca said

    lol on elmo rant. I wouldn’t let those noisemaker toys in my house!! lol. Cant wait for the pics girl! And whatever happened to the pics of the Jayne hats?–>

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