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Knit, Knit, Knit and pack for a roadtrip. Oh, and Blog

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 23, 2005

Hello all! Hello few! Hello! I still exist here in my place. I’m very tired. But I’m very excited, as I’m about to go on a ROOOOOAAAADDDD TRIIIIPPP! Here’s where I’m going.

Woooo hooo! It’s gonna be GREAT! That said, I’m not entirely packed – I need to still pack my toiletries. My packing process thus far has been somewhat unseemly – I packed my knitting first, then my other backpack things, a couple books and my sucky-candy (candy to suck on, not candy that sucks, btw). So car packing done – Go me.

Then I played with some walkie talkies I got, put batteries in, test-drove them – big fun, and then packed clothes. Packed.

Undies check, pants and shirts, check, bible and journal, check, (which should really be going in the car bag, but I will likely not use them until I get to Mema’s anyway. Okay. Picked a pillow to take with, it’s sitting behind me in this chair. Gave the xtra key and clicker to my friend to take care of the feline elements – check,

Got my Older Brother and Mrs. Older Brother’s presents in the suitcase – will wrap when I get there. Why? B/c it’s easier that way and I suspect that my Mema has better wrapping stuff than me. I have wrapping paper, but no boxes or tissue paper, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to risk putting a piece of tape on a wool and mohair hat. No way. Besides, that wouldn’t be cunning in the least, would it?

Then it hit me: I’m almost finished (like really close almost finished) to having my pillar lacework socks done – Schweet!!!! Gasp! I need to take kitchener instructions with me! Arg!!! So I’m hunting those. But I found them. Huzzah! Along with being happy about that, It struck me that I’ll have to be working on ex-boyfriendo’s Christmas socks (of the pattern I am not sharing. It’s a very straightforward, simple pattern, but I wanted to do something special (read: that I haven’t done before) and I have yet to figure out how I’m going to do it. God bless the Internet. If it’s out there, I’ll find it. If it’s not, I’m publishing. :D. Just sayin.

So that’s my story. I’m sitting here, it’s 1 am, I need to shower and go to bed (to get up at 4:30 and be ready to go when the ride gets here at 5, and also make sure I have my stuff all in order before he arrives, lest he should have to wait. No bueno on the waiting, yo.

So that’s where stuff is in life.

Oh, and I stuffed my suitcase so full of clothes that I can’t fit my toiletries in there. How does one deal with such a tragedy?

In olden days, one would say ‘why, with another suitcase, of course, preferably a matched set.’. But This is not the olden days, and I don’t want to lug a suitcase, my purse, a backpack FULL, a pillow, and a matching toiletry bag down 2 flights of stairs (because it follows that in x days when I arrive home, I’ll have to lug them back up, and that’ll make my legs all hurty in the ‘I don’t like exerting myself’ way.

So yeah. Thus is my quandary.

I’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll just take an extra big purse and fit it all in there. All I really need is my face soap, good shampoo and conditioner and the sparse bits of makeup I wear. And a toothbrush and toothpaste. No big, right? riiiiight.

I’m off to shower and try to figure all this out now. Lata.

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