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In which I extol the virtues of going to church, even if one is tired

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 14, 2005

I cannot, CANNOT iterate enough the value of going to church. Whenever one chooses to do so. I mean really. REALLY. I went tonight, not really wanting to, but having got off work with intentions to going, I felt honor-bound to go. (I didn’t really get off work early. I worked through lunch (a full hour) so I could leave a half-hour early. Gotta love law office mathematics, no?

So anyway. I went to church and we’ve been going through this sermon series (on Wednesday night) by Andy Stanley, about the importance of margin in our lives. The series is called ‘Take it to the Limit’, and if you have a chance to see it, make sure you take that chance. It. Is. AWESOME. He talks about a LOT of issues that come up in life that one wouldn’t think are spiritually-related, but my goodness, my gosh. Very convicting stuff.

So anyway, I’ve been wrestling with money problems for a long while of late. Like maybe a year or so, and not gotten any progress and not and not and not… boo hoo hoo poor me.

So I got a really different outlook on it today and woweeee. I think I really will be able to get it under control this time around. Woooo hoo!

I’m going to be really working on that in the coming days, months, year. I think, if I really apply myself and keep my eyes on the cross and keep my heart turned to God, I really think He’ll help me lick it and become a good steward of the money I have been given charge of in this life. So New Year’s Resolution:

1) Get my money house in order.

There may be more new years resolutions.

Dear readers, I promise I’m not going to start copying other peoples’ blogs and start every entry with ‘in which…’. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think it’s a very cool idea. But like EVERYONE is doing it. And I don’t want to be like everyone. So I’m just borrowing it for this post. I’m going to come up with some kind of funny or cool m-o thing but I haven’t yet figured out what it is. Maybe I’ll start using really wild punctuation in odd places so that a title takes on a wholly different meaning or something. We’ll see.

So anyway yeah. Onward and upward.

Aside: I like starting New Years resolutions early, so that they’ll be rather habitual by the time actual New Year rolls around. Establishing a habit under pressure is stressful. And we know Checkuary — I mean January — is stressful enough.


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