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Creeps and the IM window

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 27, 2005

Jerko: What are you doing
Me: Knitting
Jerko: That’s nice
Jerko: Where do you live?
Me: I don’t give that info out
Jerko: You ahve a nice body
Jerko: very sxey
Me: I don’t appreciate that kind of talk.
Me: If you want to talk filth then go to a pay site
Jerko: I never pay for it
[Editor’s note: I only started talking to this character because I felt sorry for him last night. He insisted I add him to my buddy list; presumably so that he could continue harrassing me; so I did, but He’s off and iggy now.]
Me: I deserve better than that. Just because you don’t know me doesn’t give you liberty to talk to me like a sailor. In fact, I’d say because you don’t know me, that you should act with a higher level of decorum than if I were one of your acquaintances.
Jerko: Oh, sorry
Jerko: I thought you’d like it
Me: You thought I would like that?
Me: Oh, because girls all want to be talked to like that.
Me: Dude, I’m a CARTOON [ed. note: my avatar pictures on all the IM programs I use are cartoons]
Me: You shouldn’t just walk around and talk to girls like they’re street prostitutes.
Jerko: I’m going to go off to a corner and lick my wounds now ,, hope we can still be friends
Jerko: nite nite
Me: Your friend privileges have been revoked. You’re iggy.
[While in the process of getting rid of this creep from my buddy list (where I never wanted him to begin with) he writes:]
Jerko: Oh i see how u r
Jerko: to full of yourself
Jerko: i bet thats why you have not a bf
Jerko: i bet you’re a virgin
Jerko: at 24
Jerko: ha ha
[I finally managed to iggy him for good at this point. Praise the Lord]


What on earth makes men think it’s okay and feasible to talk to a woman like this? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD A MAN THINK IT’S OKAY TO CHAT THIS DISGUSTING TRASH TO SOMEONE HE’S NEVER MET OR CHATTED TO BEFORE?

I know I should not waste my time with this hunk of rotting manflesh but really. REALLY. What kind of cretin thinks he can get away with this… this….. cruise for pornography?

Lord, I just want to pray for all these pathetic creatures. I wish such evil did not exist in the world. I wish so much that they could know His love and the amazing wonder of what it is to love and be loved in Christ. This kind of bottom feeder is lurking everywhere, dragging people down to its level, and people are going. But that’s not His will, not His desire. Lord, I pray that you could just change Jerko’s heart. That all it would take would be one prayer from one person who feels sorry for him to make all the difference in the world, and to make him see the wrongness of his path. I wish You could change all the hearts of men that behave this way. To help them to grow beyond this stage of underdevelopment into manhood, real manhood, not this caricature of manhood who think that the men who write Maxim are ‘so, so right’. Certainly not this caricatures of manhood who think that all women want to be treated like whores, rather than like the queens You want Your men to treat Your women as.

All this I pray.

Lord, I just pray that You move Jerko’s heart toward You.

3 Responses to “Creeps and the IM window”

  1. Rebecca said

    AMEN!! Whew! done posting yet? you’re hard to catch up with! LOL Hope you’re having a good week otherwise. Been thinkin’ about ya.

  2. Regina said

    Sorry – it was a tough evening. I had a lot to say. :)

    But I’ll have pictures to post soon! :)


  3. Rebecca said

    no apologies needed. can’t wait for the pics!!

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