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Brash speakers and unspoken opinions

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 27, 2005

Okay, we had a speaker in class today that was… brash. She was recapping the 5 love languages that we went on the retreat for, and that was kinda cool but at the same time, I don’t really care much for her approach. She shoots from the hip and I tend to find people who are that direct to be off-putting. She was aright, though. Definitely gave me something to think about, which is really good. I like the speakers who make me think, even if I don’t agree with them.

Next week I’ll be out of sunday school, but selling tickets to the Christmas show that I won’t be attending (I have a party that night).

Here’s something I’m thinking about. This guy was in class today and was talking about helping with an orphanage in Florida for a week. I kind of want to do it, but I need to give it to God in prayer and find out if that’s the right thing for me to do. My dad was totally down on the idea, but that kinda hurt because he didn’t even listen. He was just like, ‘you shouldn’t do it because you don’t have the money.’ But he didn’t even listen to what it was, or that I’d be on paid vacation that week if I took it and that it would cost me less to go and be there and help for a week (and be in Florida) than it would be for me to be here for a week. But he just shot it down, and talking as if I were an idiot to even consider going when I’m not exactly rich. He does have a point, I’m not exactly rich right now, but it feels like the right thing to do. I’m going to really pray about it and let God lead me to the right thing. Besides, if we only ever do things when we have the money for them we would never do anything.

So the jury is still out on that. It sounds like a really positive experience. Yes, it’ll be hard work, but it’ll also be good work, helping those less fortunate than me. And no one ever said that good work wouldn’t be hard work. It seems that good work carries a penalty these days.

The wind is blowing hard here and pushing on my front door (which happens not to be locked at the moment although I’ll soon remedy that.) I’m going to start on a Jayne hat after I finish folding my laundry. Woot! Exciting times!


One Response to “Brash speakers and unspoken opinions”

  1. Rebecca said

    Regina, you should go!! That sounds awesome. Dont’ let your dad drag you down. Listen to your spirit. After all, who knows? “The MAN” could be there waiting for you. What if you don’t go? Nah, seriously your heart is right, God gives us the desire to serve others, it doesn’t come from our flesh that’s for sure.

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