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Lunchtime Quick entry:

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 21, 2005

In view of my post last night, it’s time for something different. A WIP update!

Thanks so much for the encouraging words, Rebecca! They’re so nice to hear. I thought I was gonna get flamed bigtime for posting my thoughts on that particular subject. [happy dance!] But it’s early yet. [paranoid look around]


Right now I’m working on the 2nd in a pair of lacy socks that I pseudo-designed. It was someone else’s basic sock pattern that I modified for my own (nefarious?) purposes.

I’m still working on the Branching Out Scarf but I found some totally faboo blended yarn yesterday at the store (I was looking for a ball winder and I ended up with 6 skeins of this really cool yarn for $2.00/skein and some sz 10.5 bamboo dpns for a hat project I’ll soon be undertaking (for christmas presents)

The yarn I got is a super soft wool/mohair/acrylic blend. I think I’m gonna start one of the multi-directional scarves with that yarn. I just love how yours turned out. I want one for me!!! :)

I just frogged two WIPs that I was just totally bored with, and I think I’m gonna take some of the Lion Brand Homespun I had for the frogged project and try making a teddy bear out of it, I think that would be cute (I’ve been surfing for bear patterns this weekend, and I found a really cute one in the fall Knitty. The pattern is called ‘Bubby’. We’ll see if Homespun works. If not, I have some Thick & Quick that’ll maybe work instead. I’m trying to pare down my Lion Brand Stash, can you tell? Preferably with fo’s I can give away. Get me out of Acrylic Land!!!! Please?

There’s your written update. I’ve got a serious case of start-itis and I want to cast on for SOMETHING. I just don’t know what yet. Argh. Heeeee… I’m overwhelmed with possibilities! Praise the Lord!


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