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Finished Object(s) and WIPs I wanna show off:

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 12, 2005

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This is a sock I’ve been working on, it has pillar lacework (which is the strandy bit through the middle) and a short row heel. I’ve finished the gusseting on the sides and added 2″ to the length of the foot since this picture was taken this morning. A problem, though. I’m having some difficulty with the stitches laddering on the bottom of the foot (where the 2 circs join) – I tried pulling the stitches tight there, but I think I may have only succeeded in pulling the ladder bigger between the 1st and 2nd stitches on the new needle by doing that. Nevertheless I have a ladder (which my mom tells me is only noticeable to me because I knitted it but still…) Anything I can do to even out the ladder problem?

And the Branching out Scarf:
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I made these socks, and then decided to give them to my mom for her upcoming trip to London-town – she’ll need some warm wool socks over there for this time of year; it’s cold. (I’m told.) Note the awesome opposite toes and heels. Thanks, Mom, for modeling them for me! She’s so stylin’!

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These are some fingerless gloves I made this summer to wear at my office, it gets cold there, but it was one of my first FO’s, so I wanted to show them off. The blue tint on the center cable of the left hand glove is so that I can tell the left from the right (they’re individually sized – pretty cool for a first time effort, eh?)

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Well, that’s really all I wanted to put up for tonight. I’m really thrilled to finally have some pictures to put up, as I don’t have a digital camera, and don’t really have ready access to one. So thanks, Daddy, for so kindly shooting these pics for me!!


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