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Campsite: 1, Regina: 0

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 7, 2005

So camping….. was not so great. There were many factors at play that made it not so much fun, though.

We’re under a pretty stinky drought right now – the lake is over 1′ low, and the ground is D-R-Y dry. The state park had a burn ban in effect – so we were not allowed to have a wood fire. We did make a little charcoal fire in the fire-pit and burnt our dinners, and then roasted some marshmallows over the last of the charcoal – so that was kinda fun, but since we couldn’t have a campfire, campfire, we were basically just sitting around in the dark after about 6 p.m. 6 of the 7 decided to go on a hike after dinner (which was at about 8:00 or so), and struck out in the darkness to go check stuff out – I decided against this, since it had been a mere week since I fell out of a suburban on solid ground and skinned my knee up and jammed my finger but good (see Retreat! Retreeeeeat!), and was still healing up from that. (By the way, worried people: I’m fine – my finger’s still a little stiff and swollen, but it doesn’t really hurt unless I do something dumb like try to pop it).

So I stayed at the site and sat guard. I tried reading my bible by the lantern, but (I didn’t realize this before the people left) the fuel level was low, and the lantern would burn real bright then dim really badly then burn brightly again. Annoyance. And really hard to read by.

Then I tried knitting by lanternlight – just as annoyance-inducing. So I decided that it was bedtime and started ‘securing’ the campsite so I could go to ‘bed’ (read: hard rocky ground). Securing to me meant folding up and piling up the camp chairs and clearing the table so nothing would fall off and go boom in the night). I had my MP3 Player on and was enjoying some Mozart while I did this, and didn’t see the dark figure looming in my peripheral vision until he was almost on top of me….. At which point issued a pretty loud screech from my general vicinity. Then I realized it was one of my co-campers. Because I was ensconced in a cocoon of classical music and my hat had obscured my peripheral vision, I didn’t see him and he scared 10 years off my life. We had a good laugh about that. Someone said something about not knowing that we had brought a dog (my screech was apparently similar to the sound a dog makes when his tail is slammed in a car door – which is really such a compliment, isn’t it?)

So we all settled down for a windy attempt at sleeping on hard rocky ground. We all woke up crabby – the cot people complained that the wind kept them awake, the ground people were all stiff from trying to sleep on the TOP OF A MOUNTAIN, with no padding besides our own (in my case substantial) fluffy bits. So one night of that “Fun” was about all I was havin’. The next morning the other 2 ground people and I decided amongst ourselves that another night of said “fun” would be really not at all “fun” and decided to pack it in and go home. Which we did, with all due haste that afternoon (after helping the other 4 pack their stuff in and move campsites (another long story there).

But once I got home Saturday, it was nice. Cuz I got a bunch of bible reading done (finished 2 Samuel and got through to 2 Kings) The ‘read the bible in 6 months’ plan has pretty much flown out the window, I’m sad to say – we were to have been done with Esther on Saturday night – I’m not even through 2 Kings yet. Maybe I’ll get caught up, but maybe not. I think my pace in reading through is already pretty sprint-like, so it’s okay that I’m not quite where I ought to be on ‘the plan’ – at least I’m still sort of trying to be on the plan.

Sunday dawned with a great Sunday School lesson (about God’s Signet ring; based on Haggai 2:20-23) and then an awesome sermon about the importance of properly applied discipline, and how we have different methods and times for different types of discipline, and what the difference is between discipline and punishment. SUCH A DIFFERENCE! Oh well, that’s all I have time for here at lunch break. Hope you enjoyed my weekend as much as I did! :D


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