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Retreat! Retreeeeeaaaattt!

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 1, 2005

Hi there!
So I was on a retreat last weekend. We went through The Five Love Languages for Singles, by Dr. Gary Chapman. It was a really good book, and I learned a lot about myself and about the people I was spending the weekend with. Much fun was had.

Friday night: we met at the church and drove out to the lakehouse (it was on Lake Bob Sandlin), and got settled in, did our first two sessions (there were 7 total sessions, 1&2 were a combo and recap, as homework/prep for the retreat was to read these chapters)

The only bummer about Friday night was that I fell down. Man. What a klutz. I was climbing out of a Suburban (from the backseat), and I didn’t know this but the ground was unlevel, and I landed wrong on my foot and fell down, tore up my knee a little bit, and jammmed my middle finger on my left hand. It’s still really swollen, and sore, but I can write and close a loose fist, and knit, so I guess I’ll just have to work out the tenderness gradually. But putting on makeup Saturday morning was an experience in frustration. I underestimated how much I use my middle finger. And any injury on my left hand is like…… apocalyptic, for me. My world ends, partly because I’m not self-sufficient anymore (until my hand heals) and partly because I hate pain. Hate it. I’m so very left-handed. So typing is kinda painful (which is why I haven’t posted in a while).

I also took the little “what’s your love language baby?” profile, and my primary language is…..

(Drumroll, please)

Quality Time

Bet we didn’t see that one coming. Ha. My second was tied between words of affirmation and physical touch. Acts of service was a low fourth on my list, and gifts was dead last. I’d rather have a memento from time spent together than a random gift. Although random gifts are awfully nice.

But I digress.

The point of the book is to find out what love languages speak most loudly to you, and to notice in others what their love languages are, so that you can speak love to them and let them know that they are loved. You might think that fixing computers and taking out the trash is showing your girl-friend that you care for her, but it might just be that she thinks you’re over-solicitous, and you need to just tell her you like her. All in all, I recommend the book for everyone, and not just for the romantic relationship arena. There are helpful tips for workplace relationships and friendships too, and it’s a great thing to be able to really let the people around them know (in their love language) that you love and value their companionship, in whatever form that takes for the two of you.

I’ll post more later, busy week this week.


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