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Frogging scarves and books of import:

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 27, 2005

Remember this scarf?

Posted by Picasa Posted by Picasa

I frogged it. :(

Frogged. it.

It was 16″ long. And I looked at it, and I was like…. this looks not great. Not. Great. So I frogged it.
I was so bummed about it though. Do other people get bummed about undoing stuff? I mean, it was looking pretty fozzed up. So it’s good that I frogged. But I’m still like…. that was time out of my life that is now back wound up on a ball. Sadness.

The lacework looks good in that picture though. That was back when it was 4-5″. Once it got past 10″ I got careless. Or tired. I’m not entirely sure which.

So Yeah. I’m going to be definitely trying lacework again. But maybe not tonight.

I really like pillar lacework –
(I got this off of, in the stitch library))
(Multiple of 3 + 2 sts)
Row 1:*(yo, slip 1, knit 2, pass slipped st over 2 knitted sts)* rep fm stars
Row 2: purl

Maybe I’ll try a little bit of color work along with the lacework, like doing the slips & YO’s in a contrast or darker color so that they stand out. It gives a neat ’embossed’ look to the pillars, and creates an obvious, raised diagonal. Or maybe I’ll try a pattern I found in the Vogue Knitting scarves book (it says it’s ‘very easy very vogue’, but we all know that means ‘you’d better be past beginner to try it.’)

But I digress.

I still have on needles – the second sock (see previous posts and add 2″ of length past the heel (go me!) and the prayer shawl. Also on needles is a dk scarf that I think I’m going to frog. Because it bores me. Yep, that’s right, it bores me. I don’t want to make a scarf that bores me. Ergo, a-frogging I will go. I prolly won’t be bummed about frogging that, though. Because it’s BORING!!! Boring is no fun. Fun is a must in my life, and especially in my hobby. Can you tell?

— and now for something… completely different —

In other news, I’m going to try adjusting my motives. I was reading this book over dinner, Lady in Waiting, that my friend gave me for my birthday (she says the book changed her life), and as I’m reading it, I’m totally understanding why. This book (as much as I’ve read of it), highlights the importance of not living in expectation that life is going to turn into everything we wanted it to be once we find a man and get married. (So true, so true), and that we need to re-focus ourselves to living our lives in service of the Lord, and let Him be the Leader. By allowing God to lead us, instead of us trying to lead God, we have full lives, and enjoy His abundance, instead of butting our heads and becoming embittered spinsters. I intend to start living life more deliberately, and stop worrying so much about who I’m going to spend it with. I love God, and I trust Him to bring about things in His time. (Although I tend to get impatient about when His time is – gonna have to work on that too). So anyway, I’m going to work on ix-naying the manhunting on my part, and spend more of my life enjoying life and serving God and less of my life bemoaning my singlehood. God knows I’m single. I mean, I don’t need to remind him. He’s had my days written since before there was time. I don’t need to remind Him what’s going on in my life. He knows. He’s been reminding me, in subtle ways, that I need to get my focus rewired.

That’s my goal in the coming weeks and months, to rewire my focus to serving God, and care less about who sees. All they need to see is that I love God. Besides, who’s “They” anyway? Is it like the “Bureau of They” from 9 Chickweed Lane? If you don’t get that reference, it’s okay. It’s from a REALLY OLD strip of Chickweed. A way funny one, though.


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