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What, then, should I do?

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 19, 2005

I’ve been reading all these books lately – The Five Love Languages for Singles, Lady in Waiting (thanks Wendy!!!! It’s really thought-provoking), the bible (of COURSE), The Prodigal (book 4!!!!), and in the mean time knitting and watching my favorite show, the Mickey Mouse Version of Sex and the City (which, by the way, after KDAF took out all the crap that HBO put in to make it shocking (googly-hands here), it’s actually a really well-written show, very funny, slightly edgy, but no filthy f**king language, and no need to see Samantha’s hoo-hah, or even a threat of it. (Phew!) :-D Heh. But I digress.) But what I’m getting at here is:

I’m overwhelmed. I have too many choices of things I need to do, have to do and what to do. I’m really so blessed to have all these options and obligations, but I still just feel like I’m underwater with busy-ness. But what is it all for? I mean, the lacy scarf for my sister-in-law, the prayer shawl, the socks-in-progress (2 different ones on needles right now), the Jayne hats I need to get started on, the winter hat I need to finish and the one I need to start, and let’s not forget the myyyyyrrrriiiiaaaad projects I have in their mid-processes just waiting on me to finish them. So what should I start to finish first? The coffee table? the brown cabinet (those are painting projects, btw), the acrylic afghan (crochet), one of the 4 (four!) books I’m in the middle of reading, the bible (which I’ll freely admit that I’m woefully behind on reading – 3 books now – baaaaddd!!!).

So I’m in an ‘easy project finishing frenzy’ this week – I want to get to work and finish some stuff, darn it!! I have too many mid-process works!!!!!!! Argh! So:

Saturday is Henna Day. That’s 3 hours that I can’t do much moving (b/c the stuff breaks and flakes and ew). So once I have it on, I’m pretty much committed. I figure in that time I can be running laundry and reading the bible. I’ll be attending Chenin’s bridal shower this weekend (Saturday night), so that time is taken up, but during Saturday (after henna, before shower), I’ll have some hours free to work on….

THE COFFEE TABLE [GASP!] That’s right, kids, I’m finally going to finish painting the legs of that thing. So it’ll be finally finished (after nearly 2 years of near-completion), with the exception of sealing – which I’m really not 100% committed to yet, although I would like to be able to put something on it without worrying about ruining the paint job…. Yeah. So there’s that.

I also need to think about finishing patterns for the brown thing. I have the drawer-fronts done, but I just can’t figure out what to paint on the top and bottom surfaces of the thing. I’m worried about making it too busy, because I don’t want to take away from my MASTERFUL work on the drawer fronts. Maybe I should just make it solid colors for the rest, that way the drawers will really pop. But I’m still kicking that around. I might make it solid colors and then paint some knotwork on the solids (just like a border or something. Still, as you can see, in the works. Theres’ also the knitting to consider. But I think I’m going to need to put the knitting on hold for a time, while I finish the acrylic afghan (from heck) – also a 2-year UFO (unfinished object). It’s a crochet afghan – in double crochet. 1 skein of color 1, then 2 rows of variegated, then 1 skein, then 2 rows… until it’s the length I want it to be. Problem with this – It’s BORING. In addition to being boring, it’s made with acrylic yarn, which feels, after working with wool and homespun (by Lion brand – so marvy), like yarn made from SOS pads. Just say NO! to hand comfort when working on this baby. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it looks pretty, and it’s W-A-R-M, which was its main purpose to begin with, but it’s got a LONG way to go before being finished. I’m going to also have to put some kind of border on it, to draw it all together, and so I’m going to have to decide on a crochet stitch for that, and if I’m going to do some kind of patterning there. It’s also wide enough to put across 2 people, which makes it heavy and ungainly to carry around (thus its unfinished state). Are you beginning to see why this piece is a 2+ year UFO? Yeah. I agree. But I digress.

So yeah, it’s finishing time. I meant it when I said I’m not casting on anything new until I finish something old. I just hope I finish something old before too long, it’s time to start the Jayne hats, if I want to even hope to have them done before Christmas.

In other news: Cold front coming through tomorrow afternoon! And another on Monday!!! Pray for rain! Praaaayyyy for Raaaaaiiiinnnn! God is in control, I know this. God won’t leave us without rain for longer than we can handle, but boy it would be so nice to get some. I love the rain.

Coming soon:

Vacation Planning!


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