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Choices and Chipotle

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 19, 2005

I got this great coupon in the mail for a free burrito from Chipotle – yummy yum. So I’m here, noshing on my (almost) free Burrito (I had to pay for the Guac upgrade ($1.46, if anyone cares) and pondering my options for this evening. See, at my church, the prayer shawl ministry ladies meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, but the Wednesday night bible study, Stuff (yeah, great name, I agree) also meets on Wednesday. So choices choices. I feel like, either way, it’s a right choice, in a sense. It’s not like I’m choosing between church and an orgy here, but I am really undecided about which way I want to go. I love knitting, and I love working on the prayer shawl, but they’re starting a new segment of Stuff this week, and I’d really like to go to that, too. The topic is ‘Lessons I’ve learned’, and Gary, the Senior Pastor is going to be doing the talk. SWEET! I like the way Gary preaches. He has a Shatner-esque quality to his vocal intonations (and his dramatic pauses are well-placed, not joke-like), but not in a silly way. He’s trying, I really think, to bring drama, and to really show how great it is to rest in Christ’s love, and to know that He (Christ) is the boss. He’s a funny guy, too, which is a bonus if you ask me. I don’t want some guy preaching doom and gloom and ‘repent!’ rhetoric at me.

I don’t want someone constantly pointing out to me what a failure I am at living in Christ’s image. Who would? Besides, I’ve always got my low self-esteem reminding me what a failure I am at being a good employee, adult, and girlfriend. I don’t really want to hear that I’m a failed Christian from outside of myself. I think that might just make me a little nuts. Not that I’m not a little nuts. But it would make me more nuts. and that would be not okay. Back to work now.

MMMM Chipotle rocks. Soooo rocks. Yum-tastic.


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