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Racing for the Curing and other weekendery:

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 16, 2005

This weekend I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure with a bunch of people (my team) from church. The whole experience was great. I ran into (not literally) one of my mom’s good friends, and I got to catch up with her, which was cool. It was kind of a weird, because I got separated from my whole group that I came with, and then we all kind of re-converged at the finish – see, thing is I went ‘running’ after a couple in the group and lost the walkers (I soooo shoulda stayed with the walkers. I was in such pain! and I only ran like a tiny bit before the wheezing set in and I had to pace it back (substantially). So I stopped a little after mile 1 (I had been walking for almost the whole of it) to try and find the team people again, but we didn’t ever reconnect, so I just kept walking, hoping to meet them at the finish. I ran into the runners, who lost me early on (all that curb-hopping and joggery was really dangerous, and I did fall once, I turned my ankle on a low curb – stepped just so, half-on, half-off, and went down on all fours. No permanent damage, but my knee is a little torn up (a very little), and I think it might bruise. It’s pretty sore.) I wasn’t as sore today as I thought I would be, although my shins positively ache. I really need to get in better shape.This was a 3 mile hike, which I could easily have done, if I were in better physical condition. I just hate exercising. It’s boring, it makes me sweaty, and there’s no obvious short-term benefit. Annoyance.

My monitor is starting to burn out. more annoyance. The blue has decided to take over I guess. But it’s not all-blue all the time. It likes to flash white, so that I know what I’m missing, I guess. Annoyance x 3.

I’m in denial about this, a little. I don’t want to buy a new monitor. A) My monitor has all kinds of cool stickers all over it, and I don’t think they’d survive an un-sticking. B) My monitor is only like 5 years old. My tv is over 20 years old. And it works FIIINNNE. See, but I think the issue here is that monitors are only supposed to live a very short time, to make up for the generational-ness of computers, and their obsolescence. In any case, I will soon have to suck it up and buy a new monitor, because this thing is beginning its death throes.

After the race I came home, made a pseudo healthy lunch (I had 2 scrambled eggs rolled into a flour tortilla with some salsa and a piece of cheese – yummmmy!!!) And then went to the yarn store for some much needed fiber therapy. I had my heart set on an impulse purchase of a new skein of yarn, but I guess I was in one of those moods, because I couldn’t find a yarn that suited me. THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT THE STORE’S FAULT – the store I went to was teeeeeming with yarn. There was so much to choose from that I was just overwhelmed. But I think the combo of getting up at 5 am and a store so full of choices was just too much. So I just decided to ix-nay the yarn buying idea. Besides, I like to have a project first and then pick out a yarn second, not have a stash of yarn and no project to work on. So there that was. I went over there around 2 and stayed until they closed at 4:30. It was lovely. Then I came home, watched 2 movies and knitted, and then went to bed. I really could have read my bible and done some catching up, but I was feeling too unfocused for that, and the ladders on all 4 corners of my knitting (in the round on DPNs) will reflect this. Hopefully I’ll be pulling tighter as I continue, and the ladders are at the very top of the thigh-high, so unless someone is reaaallly lookin (and they had better not be![grin]) I doubt it’ll be too noticeable. I did 20 rows last evening – only 72 to go before the decreases begin – woot! Also the nice lady that’s teaching me the knit in the round on 2 circulars method taught me to turn the heel. I now have the required number of rows, and I need to call her to ask her to meet with me and teach me the rest of the heel so I can finish my socky. Wooo Hooo!! I can’t believe it’s going so fast! I’m thrilled x 10! Plus I’m ever-more pleased at the yarn I picked out, it’s just such pretty colors! I’m loving the thigh-high, too. It’s just coming along. The striping on the yarn is such that it creates these trippy blocks of color that go from bright primary to pastels to muted colors and back, like in these little transition blocks – all in all, it’s a very pretty effect. Pictures will be forthcoming, but not tonight. I don’t think I have the patience to try and webcam them tonight.

I’m very excited about how these will look once I’ve begun the decreasing. I hope the ‘blobby blocks’ keep shape, or morph evenly. These socky bits will be a SIGHT TO SEE!!! Woot!

So today was awesome but a little schlubby. I went to church, then came home and changed, made a sack lunch, and met with a bunch of folks at the park to enjoy a pic-a-nic lunch. It was such an amazing day outside. This is what Dallas Autumn is. All Dallasites want their summers to be like the Autumns. It was in the high 70s-low 80s, low humidity, a calm breeze, sunny and clear. After we were done playing (we tossed a football around and just talked for a while, and I think there was frisbee going on as well, we all went our ways. I knew I needed to come home and clean up my place (when don’t I need to clean up my place?!) But I just wasn’t feelin’ it. So I went to Half Price Books. I didn’t buy anything, but I did sit and read this one book for like 2 hours. I’m such a book addict. But I finished the book, so I think it’s probably ok. And I usually buy a book every time I go, so I think the not buying of a book this time is okay. I was gonna go get coffee on my way home, but decided against it and made yummy dinner instead. (Sauteed Chicken, lima beans and cornbread – then a second piece of cornbread with butter & honey for dessert – I luvs me some cornbread)

We got our book for the retreat this weekend, The Five Love Languages for Singles by Dr. Gary Chapman (a Psychologist). Our 20Somethings retreat will be working through parts of this book – I think it’ll be a great benefit. I for one have had a number of failed relationships like the ones he discusses in the beginning of his book, and I think I could benefit from learning how to give and receive love better. Who wouldn’t?

I could go on and on here. Pastor Gary had a great sermon today about slamming doors and judgment and how important it is to keep doors open and to extend grace and not to be a homophobic, judgmental hypocrite if you want to bring people to Christ. I kept thinking about this all day. How I need to focus on not being judgmental. And how I’m no bowl of cherries to deal with either, so why would I expect that from other people? and stuff like that. So it’s time to turn to the mirror and start judging and focusing on showing the world how great being a christian is, instead of just being one of those people on a street corner shouting ‘repent or you’ll go to hell!’.

Anyway, this has turned into a pretty long post. I didn’t intend that. But sometimes they do that.

So I’m gonna go put sheets on the bed, take a nice cool shower, and go to sleep. In my nice clean bed. Ah, clean bed. Well, once the dryer gets done, anyway.



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