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Posted by Miss Knotty on October 13, 2005

My friend Robyn andI were chatting the other night about going back to school (among many other other subjects, which I will not embarrass myself by mentioning here — she mentioned a guy, and it’s been sticking in my head. It’s kinda trippy. I mean, ask me a while ago and I would have been like ‘yeah, whatever, he’d never go for me’ and I would have been like….. ‘yeeeaaahhh, he’s like, my friend. I can’t get involved with someone I’m FRIENDS with. What a crazy idea. I only date guys I don’t really like (but look good). But, that said, someone said that you have to be friends with someone to make a committment to them. And Robyn & Roel have a pretty tight friendship, I must say. I mean, it’s tight enough that they GOT MARRIED. Geesh. It’s madness, I tell you. :) But in the best way.

But she asked me if I’d been considering going back to school (since the job market is so bad, and since I’m not really liking my job too much), and, you know, that kind of thing. But I haven’t. It hasn’t really even been on the horizon of my thoughts. Now that it is, though, it’s near to the front. What would I go to school for? Would I go to school for a Master’s or a second (maybe a useful one this time) Bachelor’s? (Which I would then proceed to get a Master’s with, and have a madly successful career and everything would be great.) But okay, on the ‘real’ side of things, I haven’t been thinking about school. At all. It hasn’t been in the corner of my mind, much less in the fore of my thoughts. So there, I said it. But now it is. And I don’t know where to put that. I mean, I have a TON on my plate. a TON. Just in terms of knitting and stuff, I’ve got a ton. Add to that Bible reading (which I’m woefully behind in), hanging out with my family, hanging out with my friends, trying to keep tabs on myself, and take care of my ‘hanging out by myself’ needs, and all that other stuff has coalesced into an AWFULLY full schedule. So full, in fact, that I’m yawning just thinking about it. I’m going to bed. Check that. I’m gonna polish my nails, then go to bed.

Life always seems brighter when you have a nice manicure. I’m thinking about maybe mauve, or maybe something funky, like purple. Although I look gravely ill when I do them purple, so probably mauve. Or maybe French. The possibilities are endless..

God is so good to me. I mean, really. So good. If the hardest decision I have to make is what color to polish my nails (right at this moment), I’m doin’ pretty good. He cares so much for me. Yay, God! I love You!


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