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Work in Progress

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 12, 2005

Here is one of my works in progress. It’s another pattern (I should just really change my blog name to I Heart, called “Branching Out“, an easy lace pattern. Here are some pictures:

Posted by Picasa Posted by Picasa
It’s about 9″ long so far, and I’ve gone through about 4 repeats of the lace pattern work. I’m supposed to do like 20 before the whole scarf is done. Once you get into the swing of it, though, it goes fast, as long as you pay attention to which stitch and which row you’re on. But it’s only a 10-row repeat, and the lacework is only done on the RS – the WS rows are all just purling.

Please forgive my crappy crappy webcam pictures – I don’t have a digital camera, or access to one (but I’m gonna ask for one for Christmas). the yarn is eggplant color, and I’m knitting it in Silky Wool (it’s 65% wool 35% silk….. luxury. And it only called for 1 skein, so I think this scarf is costing me about $7 total. Score! I haven’t decided for sure, but I may give it to my sister-in-law, Mrs. Younger Brother (Mrs.YB), for Christmas. She lives in not-at-all cold San Diego, CA, but because it’s so much openwork, and it wouldn’t be too warm, she might actually be able to wear something this lightweight occasionally. And then there are the trips here to visit my parents every blue moon or so, and she’ll be able to wear it here. I’ll have to run this idea by Mom, though. Heck, Mrs.YB might not even like knitted things at all, they may not be her style in any possible way, and I’m barking up the wrong tree altogether. I don’t know if she’d wear it or not. Besides, if I run it by Mom, she may ask to keep it herself – it is really pretty. Or she’ll ask me to make her one. She likes to do that.

I dunno.

I’m gonna be making Jayne Cobb hats (from the show Firefly) for my Older Brother (OB) and his wife, Mrs. Older Brother(Mrs.OB). (Yes, theyhave names; yes, they have identities other than being the wives of my brothers, but this way it’s easy to tell which one I’m talking about).

So their Christmas presents are taken care of, theoretically speaking. My maternal Grandmother – we’ll call her Granny (since we all have a Granny) was talking to me about her bible, and complaining that she wanted the leather-bound version of the bible she has (It’s a parallel bible w/ the KJV and NIV versions side by side), and her bible is wearing out at the seams, she says, I’ll probably drop that hint to Mom that that’s what she was discussing specifically… the one she wants is expensive though!!!! $64.99 on…. steep. But a pretty cool bible, I must say.

For Daddy and Younger Brother(YB) ….. I’m pretty much stumped. I usually am when it comes to Christmas presents for these guys… They usually get gift certificates.. For Daddy, I go in witht he Bros. and get a Bass Pro Shop gift cert, or Academy Sporting Goods or something, and for Younger Brother (YB), I’ll probably get him one from Abercrombie and Fitch or Aeropostale or American Eagle Outfitters or someplace like that. He likes him the clothes. Or maybe Ikea. He and Mrs. YB really like Ikea.

For Mom, even, I’m kinda stumped. Maybe I will go ahead and find a pattern for another lacy scarf and knit one up for her. Or maybe I should just go buy her something (I’m pretty busy with knitting at the moment – lots of (read: too many?) projects in the works.) I don’t know what I’d buy her, though. She has an Amazon Wishlist, so I might just take the cheater way out and buy her something off of that. She’s gonna be a tough one to buy for this year, I think.

Mema & Pepa (My paternal grandfolks)—– EEEK! I don’t know what to get them, either. they’re out in the desert though, so I’m sure knitted goods would go over about as well as a basket of bees.

I’ll have to think on that one too.



One Response to “Work in Progress”

  1. Bron said

    impressive lacey… i get bored easily with that stuff… the most I ever got to wasBlackberry stitch… I mostly just stick to scarves.
    Way to go!

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