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Weekend Swag

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 9, 2005

My new toys; a bobble-head armadillo from the Czech Stop in West, TX: Posted by Picasa

Every girl who has one of these….. Well, probably has one too many. Heh. But it’s funny. I’m gonna put it on my desk at work. I picked this up, along with a 1/2 dozen cinnamon rolls and 1/2 dozen kolaches (not pictured, to protect me from eating another one of the cinnamon rolls (they should be called sin-amon rolls… soo soo good.)- mm mm good.

Also note my rockin huge dice: Posted by Picasa Posted by Picasa Posted by Picasa Here is a comparison for the size of the two dice against each other. The small one is slightly larger than .5″^3. The large die is 1.25″^3. Pretty cool, huh? The big dice aren’t big, they’re biiiiiiiig. There will be Farkle with Flair! And, not only that, but I can also threaten my fellow players with the dice if they annoy me. It’s a game! It’s a weapon! It’s a floor wax! It’s a dessert topping! Finally, something that will please all the people all the time. Nice. :D

I took a picture of my hand holding the mondo dice and then six standard size dice I had, so you can get an idea of the difference in scale.

Aww yeah.

I also got some cool variegated yarn for some socks I’m gonna make – yes, from another pattern, this one for Very Tall Socks. Here’s the yarn I picked out for MY very tall socks: Posted by Picasa

I think I may need another skein of each, or maybe even two more skeins – I’m kinda nervous about her pattern, b/c it calls for red heart yarn and #2 dpns – I wonder if I can use Bernat Sox (there’s a better color view of it (this one for compy-type items) – it’s called ‘crazy hot’: I love it. I knew when I bought it that I was gonna make it into a pair of those rockin sox – problem, though – it’s dyelotted, and I only have 4 skeins of this one dyelot. That’s only a problem because that was all they had of that dyelot. I should probably have bought 6 skeins, just to be sure that I would have enough yarn. But maybe if she calls for #2 needles and it said her socks took under 1/2 skein for each sock, and her calculations come out to about 682 yards of yarn, and I have 812 yd of this crazy stuff, so maybe I won’t need any more. In any case, I’ll be constructing them from top down, so any shortage will be inside my shoes. Schweet.


2 Responses to “Weekend Swag”

  1. Douglas said

    I want a Dr. Who (Tom Baker) scarf!

  2. Regina said

    I wanted to make one of those too, but then I cast on and started making one, and it was so boring!!! I needed a bigger challenge, so I started working on 3-d objects, like hats and socks and stuff. Now I do complex patterns like lacework in scarves – fun fun fun!!!

    You can probably get a Dr. Who scarf made for you from Ebay, or online, if you want to order one, though. Tons of people have made them. Or you could pick up needles and make one yourself! It’s just a matter of knowing how to execute the knit stitch, since the whole thing is garter stitched (knitted on both the right and wrong sides). Maybe one of your kids is a knitter in the making…? Who knows? The possibilities are endless.


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