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Posted by Miss Knotty on October 5, 2005

Okay, so I’m in the middle of three (3) (or so) knitting projects: (1) A prayer shawl for the prayer shawl ministry at church (which is actually a really cool thing; you pray for the person you’re making the shawl for, then you bring it with you to the group, and each person prays over it, then you present it to the person you made it for. It’s supposed to hold onto all that prayer, I guess, and let the person who receives it know that there are people thinking about them and praying for them, and so they know they’re not alone, I guess. It’s a really nice thing, I think. I got into it because I love knitting and I thought that would be a good way of getting to serve in the church. In addition, the Lord gave me the skill of knitting and it would be disobedient to Him to only use my skills for selfish ends. So I’m making a shawl the color of Dreamsicle (a yellow-orange with just a touch of pink) in Lion Brand Homespun and it’s really soft, but the yarn is a little hard to work with. So it’s been kind of frustrating, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. That said…

Hi and hello. I didn’t even get on here to start talking about knitting. I just wanted to tell about my ‘putting a picture on my profile’ experience – I put a picture on my profile! – using Hello, a free program from Google. and Picasa, apparently, but I didn’t know that at the time. In any case, I couldn’t figure it out for like a year, then I looked at Blogger help and all the info was right there to be had. I was happy about that. Woot!

Okay, so back to knitting (one of my fave subjects, especially since I haven’t even BEGUN to talk about what I’m reading right now – the bible. I’m in the process of reading through the WHOLE bible in 6 months – I just finished Ruth, and I’ll be starting 1 Samuel tomorrow. Phew. It’s been quite an interesting read so far; I got bogged down a little bit in Leviticus and again in Deuteronomy, but I got caught up again and I’m current on the plan. Ruth was pretty cool, and very, very short. Only 4 chapters. I didn’t get the point of it. I mean, here’s Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, Joshua and Judges — eight meaty chapters, and then here’s little Ruth. Just 3 pages. Poor Ruth. But she was quite a lady. She and her husband Boaz established the Davidic line. Pretty important stuff.

In other news, that whole Samson slaying 1,000 with the jawbone of an ass was cool, but Samson – not a terribly sterling character there. And don’t even get me started on Delilah. That greedy beotch. But I digress.

So… knitting… second project: I’m knitting some socks right now, with sock yarn and number 3 needles. On another side note, I loves me some addi turbos. Christmas present idea: a set of addi turbos in every size up to 15 and in every cable length over 16”…. Just sayin’…. Okay, so back to the story, Annie (this is not actually her name), a lady who knits at the Woolie Ewe in Plano is teaching me to use the 2-circular needle method for knitting in the round, instead of using DPNs (double-pointed needles for those of you who don’t know and are just SCARING ME), or the Magic Loop (both popular ways to knit in the round), or using 1 (very short) set of circulars (for socks, after all). Anyway, but I’m learning how to do this method, right? I’ve never made socks before. I’m doing the 2nd sock first, so that I don’t get Second Sock Syndrome (wherein a knitter is so satisfied with the outcome of the first sock that they don’t even cast on for the 2nd sock for a good long time, if ever).

I’ve also gotten a request to make a couple of Jayne hats from the show Firefly (which I’ve never seen) (from my brother and sister-in-law – they’ll be his and hers Jayne hats – neato!) and they’re supposed to let me know what sizes their heads are, so I can order the kits and get started maybe before Christmas? But I’ll hopefully be able to get a head measurement soon and get the kits ordered (this one lady online has this kit with the pattern, the pom-pom, the necessary yarn and tips and tricks for making the hat for like $30/kit, pretty good deal); and she sells the Jayne hats she makes to Firefly fans – cool huh? So I’ll be ordering those soon. Maybe I should make one for my friend, (we’ll call him Eddie; not for any reason other than that that’s not his name), another Firefly fan – and he just lost a friend of his in a car accident, so I kinda want to make him something to cheer him up.

So those are some of my works in the works. I’m also making another pixie hat from the Knit Wit book by Amy Singer. It’s too fabulous. I’ve made one in multicolored yarn (each strand in the 4-ply yarn was a different color, giving it an awesome tweedy effect), and I’ve made one in red and white, but it’s not complete yet, I need to seam up the back, knit on the bottom trim and make the i-cord ties. But I want to make the green one first (green with white trim, another Christmas-y hat) and then do the mattress stitching at the same time. Just figured it might be easy that way, to do a little bit of an ‘assembly line’ process. Okay, so there that is. I gotta be careful though, when knitting these, b/c if they get washed in hot water, the yarn will shrink and felt like CRAZY. So I’m having to be very conscientious of washing instructions and making sure that the hats are well taken-care of. (that’s projects 3 & 4) – I want to use a different cast-on method for the green and white hat, though – the figure-8 method. I’m gonna have to do some research on that. Back to the LYS! WEEEE!!!!! Project 5 is this scarf I’m 1/2-way through that I’m not really even sure that I want to finish. I’ve become so bored with it, since I’ve been working on 3-d objects – I made fingerless gloves, a hat, and I’m working on socks – a scarf just seems so…. one-dimensional now…. I kind of want to learn a lacy technique and make a pretty shawl for myself for church, or maybe a poncho or another kind of wrappy-thing, but that’s for another time. I have to finish some of the projects I have on needles right now, so that I can justify another trip to the yarn store. I’m a yarn-o-holic. I have some pretty purple chenille… maybe I’ll make a wrap out of that. I need to take a yarn inventory at some point soon, too, and get out the crochet blanket from heck that I’ve been working on for like 2 years. I really need to do a couple rows on that a night until I finish the thing. I just don’t like that ole acrylic yarn after I’ve been working with wonderful wool. It’s hard to go back to that ole abrasive stuff. But it’ll be okay. I’ll finish it and it’ll be so pretty and I’ll show it off to people and they’ll ooh and aah over how nice it is, and I’ll say, thanks, I made it, and they’ll be like…. rock on! and that’ll be that. And then I’ll go to work on something else that I like better. Like a purple chenille shawl.

Do you ever think maybe my imagination gets away from me?

I’m getting tired. I think I’ll go to sleep now. Goodnight.


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